Anarchist Organization

I want to make a to read list on anarchist organization, please add to it

The Role of Revolutionary Organization – AF(UK)

Anarchosyndicalism- Rocker

Facing the Enemy: A history of anarchist organization from Proudhon to May 68- Skirda

Anarchocommunists: A question of Class- FdCA Italy

Something by NEFAC and BTR

A book on the FAI of Spain?

A book on Makhno for an against (personally he’s always seemed sketchy to me)

The platform

George Fontenis’ Manifesto of Libertarian Communism 


2 thoughts on “Anarchist Organization

  1. I think the L&R book should be on the list, for historical purposes and for education purposes, though I personally think a lot of the lessons to draw are negative ones.

  2. Totally, good point. I also started reading:
    We, the anarchists (study and critique of the FAI)
    Dreams of Freedom (Ricardo Flores Magon and the PLM)

    I’m going to write a long critique of the AFUK article. It has some really good elements, but some problems too.

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