I’m going to start using this again since I’m reading and writing a lot. This is all schematic since it’s all over the place, but if anyone is down to discuss it, bust out. Here’s an overview of that business
Right now I’m working on an analysis of the failures of the revolutionary peasant movement in the Mexican revolution, and more importantly the failures of the syndicalist la Casa del Obrero Mundial and the lessons implied for the necessity of political organization and its relationship to apolitical revolutionary social movements.

On that tip i’m reading Adolfo Gilly’s Mexican Revolution


Revolutionary Syndicalism in Mexico by John Hart


Fascism and Anti-Fascism by Gilles Dauve


Workers, Neighbors, and Citizens by John Lear



Additionally I’m reading History and Class Consciousness by Lukacs with some comrades. After I finish that business I’m moving back to the theme of Capital with vol 2, and with Rosa Luxembourg’s Accummulation of Capital.

On the side I’m working on Malatesta’s works with his new one At the Cafe, and his collection of articles called The Anarchist Revolution, especially focusing on the anarchist program and organization.

I’ve sorta set aside another article I’ve been working on the relation of populist/socialist states and recuperated factories. I’ve been drawing from works on the iranian revolution, the russian soviets, argentina, and venezuela. I need more motivation to keep up on that.  


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