Anti-sexist organizing in mass movements: theory and practice

I want to use this space to collect anarchist feminist writings that are useful in aiding in the development of an anti-sexist politic engaged in movements for collective liberation. These writings have been somewhat obscure or at least hard to find for me, and I’d like to put together a reader eventually.

Women,the State, and the Family. E. Moraletat

stuff by bell hooks

from the OCL (france) publication Alternative Current

Stuff by Nicole LaurinFrenette professor in Montreal and writes about anarchism & feminism

project from the OCL

Mujeres Libres:

short spanish pdf

Ackelsberg’s book  Free Women of Spain

Nelson Mendez’s short article

WSM pamphlet on anarchism and feminism

The world’s largest workplace, wages and housework



2 thoughts on “Anti-sexist organizing in mass movements: theory and practice

  1. I’d recommend the books Dear Sisters by Baxandall and Gordon and The Feminist Memoir Project by I forget who. Also the websites of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union and the Duke University WOmen’s Liberation collection.

    One other thing – I think there’s an important analytical distinction that often doesn’t get made, between fighting against sexism and fighting for women’s interests. The latter doesn’t reduce to the former. My personal opinion is that anarchists are crap at both but better at practicing and understanding the first more than the second, in part because of the relative lack of involvement in mass work.

    Great to see you blogging again, by the way.


  2. Thanks Nate, it’s been a while but it’s good to write occassionally. That distinction seems right on, and I agree with the assessment. The class segregation and isolation of activism in general, and anarchism by proxy, is corrupting force throughout the left.

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