Comrades in India

The Faridabad Majdoor Samichar now have a website with translated pieces of their paper, an explanation of their project, and links other groups in the same milieu such as Gurgaon Workers News, and groups I had never heard of such as Subcontinental Upheaval and China Study Group. The video project Faridabad Workers News looks impressive and promising. FMS in brief is a "workers library" without books in one of the main industrial suburbs of Delhi. The FMS has produced a workers newsletter distributed at major points of transit in the industrial district. The content is derived from the conversations in distribution and at the FMS itself, making the paper something of a proletarian community voice of working conditions, resistance, and experiences. This article, written by Shankur who I met at FMS a few years back and who was a solid and committed participant in these struggles, is the best description of FMS, and is unparalleled compared to Loren Goldner’s schewed and somewhat distorted description in Revolutionary termites of Faridabad or whatever it was.



3 thoughts on “Comrades in India

  1. Dear Comrade,

    We need unity and integrity for gathering the mass.

    At present time, we all understand the situation and work together.


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