Gramsci on crisis and reformism

This is a quote I wanted to save to think about later.

“A crisis exists sometimes lasting for decades. This means that incurable contradictions have come to light within the structure and that the political forces positively working to preserve the structure itself are nevertheless striving to heal these contradictions, within certain limits. These insistent and persistent efforts (since no social formation ever wants to admit that it has been superceded) form the terrain of the “occassional” wherein one gets the organization of those forces that “strive” to demonstrate (in the final analysis through their own triumph, but in immediate terms through ideological, religious, philosophical, political, juridical, etc., polemics) that “the necessary and sufficient conditions already exist to render the accomplishment of certain tasks historically obligatory”.

Gramsci, The Prison Notebooks volume 2 pg 177 Columbia University Press, 2010.


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