Gramsci and spontaneous ruptures

This is a place holder for me. In looking at Gramsci and his scant references to intermediate strata, I found this:

“…it is important to study how ppermanent collective wills are in fact formed and how these wills set themselves concrete goals that are both immediate and intermediate-in other words, how they set themselves a collective course of action. This has to do with processes of development that are more or less long; sudden, ‘synthetic’ explosions are rare. ‘Synthetic’ explosions do occur, but looking at them closely one sees that they are more destructive than constructive; they remove external and mechanical obstacles to autochthonous and spontaneous development-the Sicilian Vespers can be taken as an example “. Prison Notebooks vol. 3 pg 346, trans. Buttigieg, JA. 2007. Columbia University Press.



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