Consciousness and Emergence- beginning of a project

“A smile is the chosen vehicle of all ambiguities.” -Melville

Over the past years I’ve had a running series of discussions with friends about two theoretical projects I’ve been chewing on. After being pressed to work out and spread that work, I’ve decided to embark on the likely long process of developing and publishing frameworks for how we understand political consciousness and a methodology for understanding and acting politically within society. I’d like to use this space to workout ideas through brainstorming, sharing the process with my friends who help me with this stuff, and track my own progress.

In my mind these two things were always connected (a meta-analytical framework or descriptive and prescriptive methodology for society & theories of the relationship between the attainment of conscious political conceptions and actions), but they were separate projects. This morning I realized that there is a logical ordering of the connection between the two. In my thinking about consciousness, it was built upon my awakening to the concept of emergence and adaptive systems. In broad outline, the text I want to write can start with laying out a metatheoretical framework of emergence as a tool for political thinking about society, our own actions, system structures, and understanding the trajectories of history/revolution/struggle. Building off this understanding, the question of political consciousness utilizes emergence to show the relationship between those ideas, actions, structure, system, and history (within a materialist framework bridging the physical and biological/social). That is, how conscious political conceptions emerge, relate to actions, and what efficacy they have in transformations of power.

This helps me work out in my mind how the arguments will flow, and what the text will aim at.


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