brainstorming about spontaneity and a complex adaptive systems metaframework

These are scattered notes to help me think through one aspect of the project I’m working on.

Connection between levels of organization, predictability of complex adaptive systems & understanding the impact of our actions. We can expect direct causation like do x action get reliable result y. At the same time our actions can have disproportionate and unpredictable effects. Additionally apparently marginal spontaneous acts can multiply. A good understanding of these relationships demonstrate the problem with the organization vs. spontaneity dichotomy.

These issues are connected to the notions leaps, ruptures, or leaps; meaning some kind of activity or movement that breaks with the normal means of settling disputes. Such events typically show complex interactions between organized actions of often disparate social actors, and seemingly spontaneous ruptures. Utilizing complex adaptive systems meta-framework for understanding the social logic of these situations gives us the ability to explain how it is that such things can arise, be so difficult to predict, and go well beyond the reach of the limited actions of organized bodies while interacting with them.


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