Nursing Shortage

I wrote this in reply to an analysis by a radical. Edits appreciated. Continue reading



Couldn’t sleep last night. These are rough and need serious editing. I don’t like the ‘it isn’t/won’t work’ aspect of the one below. I need to edit that out, because that’s not what its about, but wanted to put something up anyway lest I let it sit on my desktop too long. Continue reading

Following a line of thought

A couple weeks back I read Kropotkin’s book Conquest of Bread, which I’ve yet to write up. I’m reading Foucault’s Birth of the Clinic, a book on Carlo Tresca, Capital as usual, and want to start the anti-maoist Mao biography that came out. Today in reading some publications by the part Iranian exile (ex-worker communist party) group Against Wage Labor, I was following a line of thought  Continue reading