centralization, democratic centralism, and decentralization

I’m collecting here how marxists in their own words define centralization, democratic centralism, and decentralization as part of an ongoing debate I’m having with friends over revolution, organization, and the economy. Also see sections H 5.5, 5.6, and 5.10 of the anarchist FAQ for definitions of democratic centralism, why anarchists oppose it, and why it produces so-called bureaucratic centralism, an alleged wrong turn of democratic centralism. http://infoshop.org/faq/secH5.html#sech55. Seeing even just this narrow of a selection of marxists (it leaves out all the social democrats, and left communists) demonstrates in my opinion that lack of any semblence of a coherent notion of centralization. Centralization is more of a buzz word for being effective than a rigorous material concept used in building revolutionary praxis. Continue reading