IWW: Historical Contradictions

I’ve been reading We the Anarchists (history of FAI), and will post something about that soon. Lately I’ve been thinking about a problem in the IWW I want to outline and see if I actually believe it (and what others think). Continue reading


Das Capital: The Primitive Accumulation

At Nate’s behest I read and finished (in one sitting I might add) the last section of Volume 1 of Kapital about primitive accumulation (oooh and I scored volume 2 and 3 hardbound Charles H Kerr editions mad cheap from powells). A few side notes before I go into that. I think I’m becoming a Marxist in the Capital sense, but not a Marx in the history or organizational sense. There’s part of those Marxs in Capital, but you can pull them apart. Essentially Marx is most useful in his critique of Capital, while his philosophy of history, logic, politics, power, etc., are not so hot at all (I’m still quite hostile to them). On to the so-called primitive accumulation
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AF(UK) an interesting case

Via the God of Libcom I’ve been reading up more on the Anarchist Federation (UK). In Rebel Alliances, the author gives a real good and brief history of the british anarchist movement from the 1800s onward. The AF(UK) arose out of the confluence of left communist and anarchocommunist groups a few decades back. Though they started as platformists they came to reject that framework, although they still support being organized as anarchists in specifically anarchist organizations. What makes them most interesting is their perspective on unions, capitalism, and divisions of the class. 
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Revolution, Music, and Raves

I’ve been meaning to write these articles for years at this point. I’m going to make an outline to at least have that step on paper. The basic arguments are that we can witness revolutionary struggles within broader cultural phenomena (even if they themselves don’t take on a revolutionary praxis). With music this addresses two other arguments from both sides, and with raves explores a phenomenon I think most revolutionaries have overlooked. 
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